Friday, March 5, 2010

Christina Videos

Christina loves music, as I have said before, and she loves to dance. I have been able to catch her on video a few times and her dancing is definitely post-worthy. I don't know where she gets her moves from, but they are pretty amusing. Take a look. Oh, and you can ignore all of the laughing in the background :-)

Here is a cute video. Christina insisted on having Nik put all of her bibs on her, one on top of the other. I wish I had started recording earlier, because it was really funny watching her bring each bib out to him and making him put it on her. But, this is pretty good too.

Ok, now here is a funny video that Nik took. Christina loves to shake her head no, but obviously it doesn't always mean no. Take a look . . .

So of course I think Christina is like the cutest thing ever and she is so funny in these videos. Am I just being a Mom? What do you think?


  1. She really likes "Sexy Bitch" Good thing it's on my wedding playlist. I get to see it live :) <3 Mindy

  2. She is too cute!


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