Monday, March 1, 2010

18 months old

Christina is a year and a half old! My little girl has grown and changed so much.

I know I'm not posting this on her actual 18 month birthday, but her half birthday falls on leap year. So technically, the day she turned 18 months old never actually happened, it only passed. Today's post will have to do.

New Words
She says yes and no consistently now. She also says Dirty. She will point out things that are dirty and do a little hand motion along with it. She says belly button, no more, and night-night(not sure if I mentioned those last time). She signs "more" and sometimes will say it while she is signing it.

Things Christina Loves
All of the old stuff still applies: baby dolls, blankets, remote controls, cell phones, water bottles, her jacket, her gloves, her hat, macaroni and cheese
New stuff: bubbles, running, dancing, music, balloons, waving

Other New Things going on with Christina
- She gets a kick out of walking around any place other than at home. She loves it that I let her walk out of daycare herself instead of carrying her. The other day I found her running up and down the halls of daycare when I came to get her. It was the cutest thing and she was so happy. It was also really weird to see her running around with the big kids. The big kids are always running wild at the end of the day.
- She loves to give kisses and will randomly just come up to me or Nik and give kisses. She even has this book that has an Elmo hand puppet and for some reason she can't help but give Elmo a kiss whenever she sees the book.
- Christina knows there is a baby in my belly. Well, sort of. But the other day, she pulled up her teachers shirt and pointed at her belly saying "baby". Oops. I sort of hope she thinks there is a baby in everyone's belly rather than the alternative, which would be that she only thinks it is in the belly's that have a little extra room to spare. I felt really bad when her teacher told me what she did. Luckily she laughed about it though.

Other Updates
Christina's healthy streak is over unfortunately. Luckily she only has a cold and nothing more serious. I am crossing my fingers that this is as bad as it will get.

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