Friday, March 26, 2010

Definitely in need of a vacation

I have been working every day, day and night, for the last three weeks. I've been really busy. But, tomorrow, Nik and I leave for Arizona. We are taking a little vacation, more for Nik than me since we are going for Wrestlemania, but still it will be fun I'm sure. Neither of us have ever been to Arizona, so it should be interesting. I'm mostly looking forward to the weather being warm because all of a sudden it is cold here in New Jersey.

While we are gone, Christina will be staying with my Mom and Step Dad. Christina has been doing so many new cute things lately that I'm excited my Mom and Step Dad will get a chance to see it. She is saying so many new words that I can't even keep track. Plus all of the words she has been saying, she is now saying more often and more clearly.

There are so many cute things I'd like to tell you about, but really I'm just too tired. Anyway, it will be better if I can get it on video. I was able to get this one which I find absolutely adorable:

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