Monday, March 15, 2010

Terrible Two's

There is no such thing as the terrible two's in my book. It really should be called the Terrible Toddlers, or something more clever.

Christina has been throwing temper tantrums since 15 months old, which is way before two years old. Even though Christina is basically the most perfect child you will ever meet (duh!), she really knows how to throw a fit! Boy oh boy does she ever, and it is getting BAD!

This little one is like her Mama, she wants to be in control at all times. So she throws fits whenever she can't get what she wants. It could be as small as wanting to go into the kitchen, wanting to take both baby dolls out of the house with her, or it could be as big as refusing to eat something she doesn't want, or refusing to take a nap. She'll kick, she'll scream, she'll throw things, she'll throw her body on the floor or just flail her body around. She basically goes into a complete RAGE! (I think she gets that temper from my Dad, sorry Dad)

I have to say that the worst part about the temper tantrums is not the screaming and carrying on (in my opinion), but as a parent, it is not knowing what to do, when to give in, if I should give in, etc. I have always tried to keep a happy medium between what she wants to do and what I think she needs to do. Now I'm starting to think I need to be more strict.

She hasn't been taking naps on days when she is home anymore and tonight she threw the ultimate fit because it was bed time. She NEVER does that at bedtime! But tonight, she really didn't want to go to bed. On the one hand I sort of understood where she was coming from. For one, because of daylight savings, she is technically going to bed earlier than normal. Second, she doesn't get much time with me or time to play when we get home because basically it is already bedtime by the time we make it home. Third, she always keeps me guessing as to whether she has eaten enough.

Considering we are still struggling with her weight, I HATE to put her to bed second guessing whether she ate enough. Of course I offered her everything under the sun, but still, I know that doesn't necessarily mean that she is not hungry. I just can't help wondering if there is an underlying reason for the temper tantrum. I am probably over thinking it. Is she just pissed because I am making her go to bed, or is there a REAL reason that she doesn't want to go to bed?

The whole food thing is another reason I'm always questioning my choices as a Mom. I probably shouldn't be offering her a million things to eat. I probably should be sitting her down in her highchair, putting something in front of her, and if she refuses to eat it, well then, she doesn't eat. You would think she would get the idea and start trying new things. But, I just can't bare to do that because the poor kid needs to gain some weight. I would feel like I'm moving in the wrong direction if I do that.

Lately I've been giving in more, a little here and there on several different fronts and I think I realized tonight that I need to stop that. I guess we are just entering new territory with her age and I need to find that happy medium again. It isn't going to be the same as when she was an infant and I knew that I couldn't give in at nap time, otherwise she wouldn't take a nap for the next few days. I just have to figure out what works for us now at this age. Of course I should have expected this. It is just when you start thinking that things are going so easily that the little one decides to throw a curve ball.

Ggggrrrr, why didn't anyone tell me that parenting wasn't easy? :-)

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  1. Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a phase. She'll outgrow it as long as you are consistent. <3 Mindy


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