Friday, May 9, 2008

Commuting into the City

As if a two hour commute isn’t exciting enough, carrying around 15+ extra pounds and the heat that goes along with it, plus my heightened claustrophobia and tendency for panic attacks has made getting to and from my training class (in the city) an absolute nightmare.

My only relief is knowing that today is the last day and I hope to never have to do this commute again. Afterall, this is why I’m not working in the city anymore. I don’t want to sound like a big baby, but it seriously sucks. Luckily when I walked into class this morning and turned on my computer, I was able to take a look at Christina’s picture again (saved to my desktop) and that made me feel much better.

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  1. At least you're done for the weekend and you can relax. I bought little Christina something else today...go back and tell me you don't know what you're having. Otherwise I might walk into your Baby Shower with 20 boxes.


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