Thursday, May 1, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

I had another doctor's appointment last night, and it went great. The doctor said my weight is perfect, my size is perfect, my blood pressure is perfect, and most importantly . . the baby's heartbeat is perfect. Maybe perfect was just her word of the day, lol :-)

It was cute though, she asked if I was having any problems and when I told her no, she said that I'm just going to be easy. It's cool to know that everything is going so right with this pregnancy. Nik keeps telling me I'm the perfect person to carry a baby because I don't smoke, I don't drink caffeine (coffee or soda), I'm not a big junk food eater, and I'm all around very healthy. Plus, I was in pretty good shape before I got pregnant and in general I'm blessed with some weird ability to be thin and toned without working out. (Now let's see if that changes after child birth)

I feel a little guilty about what I eat though, because I don't eat red meat . . . like EVER. But, the baby does seem to like what I am eating. Pretty much everytime I eat, I feel him/her kicking around in there. I'm guessing that is a good thing, although I guess the baby could be thrashing around thinking Mommy, NO, not pasta AGAIN!!! hehe.

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  1. i know one thing that baby will deff like, shrimp! out of all foods, i remember you eating that the most.


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