Thursday, May 15, 2008

I need to VENT

Where is the book that tells me what I should be doing and when? Why is it that all of the baby/pregnancy books out there are telling me what I can expect from the baby (growth-wise) and what types of symptoms I can expect to be feeling and nothing else?

Where is the to-do list telling me when I should be researching birthing classes, when I should be taking them, when I should be taking a hospital tour, when I should be registering, etc?? My doctor seems to not want to talk to me about anything until "later", whenever that may be. Just because I'm only 24 weeks pregnant doesn't mean that I will never get to the delivery part. Why should I wait? Isn't it better to be prepared ahead of time? There is this thing called a birth plan that I may or may not need to prepare and I don't even know what is suppose to be on it. I don't know what my preferences are, because I don't even know what my options are.

Sorry for venting. If you know me though, you know that I am impatient, a worry-wart, and above all else - a planner! But, I've never done this before and I don't exactly know what to do. All I've been doing since I've been pregnant, is mentally preparing myself for this baby (I am sooo ready!), and figuring out the nursery. Well any moron knows that the baby is going to need a room, a crib, diapers, etc. But, it doesn't come naturally to know what kind of bottles are safe for the baby, and what kind of classes are beneficial to take . . plus, where in the world are these classes and how do I sign up??? At some point, I'm going to run out of time right?

I have another doctor's appointment in two weeks, and if I don't start getting some answers soon, I just might go crazy!


  1. have this?

    i would think you would, but i dunno.
    if you don't i know my mom has it you can prolly ask her for it.

  2. Yeah I have it, and about 10 other related books. But they just don't seem to have enough information on how to prepare. Then again, it is broken down by month (or week in some books) and maybe that is why. Maybe once I start reading the 7th month and 8th month, then I'll get more info. Obviously I am going to have to skip ahead! :-)


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