Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago I had my baby shower. I had been waiting sooo long for it. It turned out really well. We had it at my mom's house, at my request. I always love having parties and get togethers there. It is just so much more comfortable than a restaurant to me.

Anyway, my mom, my sisters, and my friend Danah did a great job pulling it all together. It was really nice to see all of my siblings and my friends in one place. Of course there were a bunch of out-of-towners that couldn't come, but that is always expected. My sister, Mindy, was able to come all the way from Georgia though and my Aunt Debbie came from Virginia. So that was really awesome.

I got a lot of really great gifts and amazingly, I have everything put away and organized at home already. I mostly got it done within the first couple of days after the shower, but there were a few lingering items that I just recently found a home for.

The baby's room is now even further along than when I last posted pictures, although it is still not completely finished. I am waiting for my registry completion coupons from Babies-r-us and Target so that Nik and I can go shopping for the rest of what we need. Plus, there is still one wall in the room that I'm not sure what to do with. So, I've been brainstorming on that.

I will post more pictures once the room is really finished. I also need to post pictures of the baby shower. But, I was bad, and I didn't take any pictures. So, I'm waiting to get pictures from my friend Linzy. Not only did she take pictures of the shower, but afterwards she took some pregnancy photos of me as well. I'm excited to post those too!

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