Friday, August 15, 2008

Breastfeeding Class

My breastfeeding class was on Monday. I was really looking forward to taking it because I am nervous about being successful with breastfeeding. I was making Nik go with me because I felt having his support and understanding was important.

Of course from the moment I woke up on Monday, I was feeling HORRIBLE! I just felt really under the weather and very tired. It never really passed and even when it came time to leave for the class that evening, I was still feeling really crappy.

From the time I reminded Nik that we had to leave soon, to the time we left the hospital, Nik was complaining that he did not want to go. He didn't see any reason for it. Maybe I was wrong in thinking that he should go, but when I originally thought it was silly for him to go and I posted about it on the nest, I got a ton of responses back from girls that said "of course he should go!". They proceeded to explain how important it was, and I was sold. Unfortunately, that wasn't convincing Nik.

It also didn't help that the damn lady at the hospital reception desk (who really should have minded her own business), said to me "I don't think he is allowed to go" and pointed at Nik. My first thought was - seriously??, your job is to tell people where to go in the hospital, do you really know anything about husbands attending the breastfeeding class with their wife!

Obviously, her comment really got me steamed up! Especially since the hospitals description of the class, gave a price "per couple". Now why would they even say that if the husband's were not allowed?

Anyway, I was annoyed and of course it just fueled the fire more and Nik felt like he was right. On our way walking to the auditorium (where that damn lady told us the class was being held), I told Nik that if there weren't any other guys in the class, that it was ok for him to leave and pick me up afterwards. So, he verbally made it very clear that he hoped there were no other guys in the class. That of course annoyed me more, because I really wanted him to be there.

So lets sum this up so far: I had been feeling sick all day long, was extremely tired, obviously irritable, the lady at reception got me angry, and Nik continued to get me annoyed. I was already feeling vulnerable about breastfeeding in general, and all of the events leading up to the class just made me feel worse.

It would have been nice if everything worked out ok and I had a nice, informative class, but no, that was not in the cards.

As Nik and I got closer to the auditorium, we saw a pregnant woman walk by us (going in the opposite direction). We got to the auditorium and no one was there. I was pretty surprised.

We sat down and got comfortable and at just about the time that the class was suppose to start, that pregnant woman came back into the room to let us know the class was actually in the 1 South Conference room, and not the auditorium.

We thanked her and started gathering our stuff to move. By the time we got into the hallway though, the woman was nowhere to be found. Since we had never been to the 1 South Conference room, we had no idea where it was. So, we just started wandering around, looking for it. We even asked a couple of hospital employees to point us in the right direction, but no one knew where this mysterious conference room could be found.

We found Conf. Room A, B, C, D, but not 1 South, not even 2 South or 1 North - something at least close. Finally, we realized we had no choice but to walk all the way back to reception to ask where we could find the room. It was not a short walk and on the way I couldn't help but get even angrier at the lady who not only made the stupid comment, but also sent us to the wrong room. The whole situation was just so overwhelming, and I just started crying.

Realizing that by the time we got to the right room, we would have been almost 30 minutes late and we still had to sign in, pay for the class, make the decision as to whether Nik was staying, etc. all while interrupting all of the other pregnant women that did not follow the directions of the lady at reception and arrived on time, I decided to skip the class.

So, with tears in my eyes, I told Nik to forget the whole damn thing, and we went home.

It was not a good night.

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